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and the award for the Most Obvious Headline of the Day yesterday goes to..... the metro, for this truly awe-inspiring nugget of wisdom:

"global warming is fault of man"

coming soon: an article confirming that the pope is, in fact, catholic. (rather than the devil incarnate)
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i'm in a spectacularly good mood today: life is sweet, the sun is (sporadically) shining, it's friday, it's b-movie this evening, i'm listening to some really lovely music at work while doing something i'm genuinely enjoying, i'm going snowboarding this weekend, i had the best climbing session last night (which included my first ever 5B route - OMFG!!!) and i'm going on my trip-of-a-lifetime to iceland in exactly a week (*bounce*).

so, how is your friday shaping up? here's a superfluous and hastily-constructed poll!
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hurrah for trying new things! this weekend was spent in wales in the fine company of [ profile] willmate, [ profile] nisaba and [ profile] denalyia, during which we were introduced to the wonderful world of caving by [ profile] willmate. i've always been totally daunted by the idea of caving - for some reason, the idea of going underground into a dark and dingy cramped little space scared the bejaysus out of me. it wasn't that i'm especially (if at all) claustrophobic, but i got the same sick feeling in my stomach at the thought of caving that i used to get when i thought about diving. anyway, being the stubborn old boot that i am, the fact that i feared it meant it was inevitable that i would eventually have to grasp the nettle and go underground...

down down deeper and down )

i can't be bothered to type it out again, so i'm just going to lazily link to will's post instead. ;-) if you want to see some pictures, there was a lot of climbing down great big rock piles like this, crawling through holes like this (aka the corkscrew) and a lot of this and this.

now: when can we go again??! *bounce*
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god, i'm busy - but this has just made me laugh as i grabbed five seconds and a cheap sandwich at my desk... marketing people really are stoopid!
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ok, it may be cake time for me in a few days, but if anyone gives me this as a birthday cake i shall NOT be impressed.

(sort of reminds me of the goodricke snackbar mars bar/snickers toasties we used to scoff without thought of the consequences in the early to mid 90s - only about a million times worse...!)
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hhhmmm. i've just had a lovely feast of very lovely veggie sushi, which was slightly contaminated in transit from the shop as it rolled into the enormous lump of wasabi so thoughtfully provided by the sushi man. i can't say i'm a wasabi fan - i love the tingly sensation it creates in your head, but oh my god, it tastes disgusting.

is wasabi another marmite, which you either love or you hate? enlighten me, readers, by indulging in my poll.
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following on from some comments in [ profile] easterbunny's journal yesterday, what's the food you dislike the most? mine is celery, which truly is the devil's toenails. although there are some freaks out there who try to insist it's tasty and good?! hah! the brainwashed fools...
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well, it was only a matter of time... you've got to admire these ambulance-chasing meedja types, they never give up in their quest for the Next Dead Famous Person (TM)!

maggie may


Nov. 18th, 2005 09:10 am
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this morning, i watched a man spray about half a tin of anti-freeze on his windscreen to clear it. ok, i know it was a bit parky first thing, but good god could he not just have scraped the thin (it was practically non-existent!!) dusting of frost off the old fashioned way?!

i was close to having words with him to that effect, but then i decided that anyone that lazy would probably find it more time and effort effective to punch me rather than enter into a heated debate on the merits of looking after nature. *sigh*
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i was in a bar in warsaw last night which had "home-made lard" on its bar snack menu... boggle
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last night's interesting piece of pointless trivia, which i'm sure at least [ profile] minusbat will appreciate: the guns of hms belfast are trained on london gateway services (which to most of us will forever be scratchwood services)! this is by far my least favourite services (it's pointless! only on one side of the road!! dirty!!! full of oaps from shearings coaches!!!!), so bomb away, i say.

anyway, i'm probably the only person in the country who didn't already know this bit of info, but i'll still be adding it to my treasure trove of Useless Stuff. and as i'm prone to shedding such tidbits almost as quickly as i pick them up, all further donations are also welcome. so, what useless bits of information do you want to share with the class today?
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so, the foo fighters are playing an "intimate" gig at the astoria next thursday, and i quite fancied going. tickets went on sale this morning at 9am and were sold out by 9.17. that's nearly 2,000 tickets in 17 minutes. so, quite a lot of happy fans with golden tickets then!

a quick glance on ebay would suggest otherwise: there are already 15 of the buggers up there, and i'm sure many more to come. the tickets retailed at £17.50 (and you could probably add about another £4 in the usual rip-off booking fees) - the highest bid for a pair is currently £185.

i'm angry on three counts: the first is that i wasn't able to get a ticket even when me and a friend were redialling, refreshing and tearing our hair out (but i can cope with that, them's the breaks). second is that touting scumbags clearly were able to breeze through the buying process: i don't believe for a second that any of these people accidentally bought too many tickets and so have to sell them on, or have suddenly realised they can't make it - they bought these tickets solely to flog them on ebay. which brings me on to the third target for my ire: the punters. who would pay £90 for a gig ticket? you can get a festival weekend ticket for nearly that and see 50 other bands at the same time! morons. part of me thinks that anyone bidding deserves to have to pay that. if people just showed some sense on ebay, the touts wouldn't bother buying tickets because there'd be no profit in it and the tickets would be bought by the people who actually wanted to see the gig in the first place.

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i've just upgraded my account to paid status - i feel like i'm on the slippy slope to lj ruin here. to mark the occasion, here's my first poll.

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you'd think after living in this country for nearly 15 years, i really should have visited more than three of its top ten natural wonders:

oooh, pretty

(and in fact, i'm not sure driving past the cheddar gorge on my way to glastonbury every year and sailing past the white cliffs of dover every so often really counts. so, that'll be just the giant's causeway at age 8 then *blush*)

so, how many of these have you seen? how many of them were actually worth seeing? what british natural wonder would you recommend instead? (i think i'm going to have to get to those welsh cave-y things this year, they look like they could be pretty impressive)
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overheard at the end of some awful how not to spend money programme on bbc1 this evening:  "during a previous edition of this programme, we suggested that you could whiten your teeth easily and cheaply using lemons.  we now realise that this is possibly not the best suggestion and, on the advice of the british dental association, would like to recommend to our viewers that they do not try this".

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