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overheard at the end of some awful how not to spend money programme on bbc1 this evening:  "during a previous edition of this programme, we suggested that you could whiten your teeth easily and cheaply using lemons.  we now realise that this is possibly not the best suggestion and, on the advice of the british dental association, would like to recommend to our viewers that they do not try this".

huh??  this raises a few questions for me:  a) who needs to whiten their teeth so regularly that it is actually causing them financial problems and they need cost cuts like this?  b) how many eejits out there actually rushed out to buy lemons and try this?  c) how many people who DIDN'T rush straight out to try this had pencilled it in for later, and have now been saved from certain doom by this annoucement?  d) lemons? really?? how does it work??? where can i get some at this time of night???!

this kind of thing annoys me almost as much as the "if you or anyone you know have been troubled by ingrowing toenails, call our special ingrowing toenail helpline" at the end of hollyoaks.  but not quite - and at least the beeb might sort me some whiter teeth...!!


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